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Have you ever felt lost. ?
Been in control. ?
Lived your life. ?

karl lagerfeld once said "if you are wearing joggers. you have lost life control."

We created lost. life. control. to give you the permission to have lost life control.

LLC is everything & nothing.

It´s about everything that has been, is & will be.
It´s about everything you ever wished for & been afraid of.
It´s about you, your friends, your family, your loved ones.
It´s about your dreams, fears & hopes.

LLC is the symbiosis & composition of 60 years of Georg & Louis.

Their wins, their losses, their hopes, their fears.

lost. life. control.

be afraid. be strong. be you.

get lost. be in control. live life.

lost. life. control.

beyond borders. beyond limits.

one brand. unlimited styles.

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LLC Clothing

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